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Vibration Analyst Certification

Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) is ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited, providing vibration analysts certification according to ISO 18436-1 and ISO 18436-2.



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There is no higher level of certification available. The Mobius certification is equivalent to that offered by the US Vibration Institute (VI) and the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT). 

The Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) certification scheme has been accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 by our nationally recognized (Government appointed) accreditation body (JAS-ANZ), as has the VI scheme (ANSI) and the BINDT scheme (UKAS). The MIBoC scheme is also accredited according to ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2 (Category I, II, III and IV). There are over 50 training organizations around the world that are recognized by MIBoC as delivering training according to ISO 18436-2 and 18436-3, including the Mobius Institute training in North America.
MIBoC recognizes the certification offered by BINDT and VI. BINDT recognizes MIBoC certification. And for purely competitive reasons, the US Vibration Institute does not recognize any other certification. The certification offered by Technical Associates of Charlotte (TAC) and Emerson Process Management is not accredited by their national body (ANSI) and is therefore not recognized by MIBoC.

MIBoC is an independent organization which is directed by scheme and technical committees to ensure that not only the certification services provided by MIBoC meet or exceed international standards relevant for certification (ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1), but also that the training courses and organizations recognised by MIBoC meet the standards relevant to training (ISO 18436-2 and ISO 18436-3).

We invite you to take some time to learn more about our accreditation and MIBoC certification, by following the links to additional information above.

MIBoC Accreditation & Certification Fact Sheet

The Mobius Institute Board of Certification, the US Vibration Institute and the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing, all operate at the same accreditation level and to the same international standards.  Download MIBoC's Accreditation & Certification Fact Sheet to learn more.
The Mobius Institute Board of Certification Accreditation Schedule as assigned by JAZ-ANZ, including the accreditation standards and certification schemes. Download the MIBoC Accreditation Schedule to learn more.

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