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Mobius Institute to Speak at the Reliable Plant 2012

Published Date: 4/25/2012

Mobius Institute, the premier provider of vibration analysis and machine reliability training courses and products will present a break out session entitled “How to Extend the Life of Rolling Element Bearings” during the May 1-3, 2012 Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Reliable Plant draws more than 1,000 attendees annually and features cutting edge presentations by many of the world’s leading professionals and consultants in the areas of machinery lubrication, oil analysis and reliability. The conference will feature five tracks overall – three focused on lubrication and two focused on reliability – with learning sessions covering tactics and solutions for substantial advances in plant performance, profitability and sustainability.

From this presentation, you will learn the main reasons why bearings fail and exactly how vibration analysts can contribute to eliminating those root causes. Many condition monitoring professionals focus on detecting bearing faults, but too few consider how they can increase the life of the bearing through reliability improvements. Vibration analysts have the tools to learn why bearings fail and to make changes so that bearings run for many years before failure occurs. Reliability engineers, vibration analysts and anyone who has an interest in reliability and condition monitoring should attend. Detailed knowledge of vibration analysis is not required.

“We've tailored our presentation to address the most current technology, awareness and practices required to meet the goal of extending machine uptime through proper application of vibration analysis, proper lubrication, and failure inspections” said Jason Tranter, Managing Director, Mobius Institute. “The Reliable Plant conference provides us the perfect venue to demonstrate the importance of learning and applying the best possible practices to maximize machine availability.”
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