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Product & Security Dongle Support

Do you have questions about installing our products or loading dongle drivers?

The most commonly asked questions can be found here. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please contact us.

64 bit Windows 7 and Vista installation issues

If you are installing your product on a 64 bit Windows 7 or 64 bit Windows Vista system, and your product is not working, follow these steps:

  1. Download the updated security dongle driver 
  2. Ensure your security dongle is not connected and install the driver
  3. Reinstall your product, making sure to not install dongle drivers. You can also not install resources as they will have already been installed and this will save some time
  4. Connect your security dongle and run your product

Note that the updated security dongle driver applies to iLearnVibration 3.2 and above, iLearnAlignment 2.1 and iLearnInterpreter 1.3.

Does network dongle need to be on server?

The answer is "no" - the red network dongle simply needs to be on another computer in your network. The computer where you have loaded iLearn must be able to "see" the computer with the red network dongle and needs the rights or privileges to access the dongle manager on that computer.

Dongle memory 0 error

This error can be caused by a defective dongle, or a dongle that is not programmed or has somehow been erased. In order to verify what the problem is, first ask yourself if the product was working before, and if it is not working now, what has changed?

Please check the following:

  1. Go to the \HASP folder and run: checksecurity.exe - if the dongle is connected correctly to the PC and is powered (the red light is on) and if it is programmed etc. then this program will verify that the dongle itself is operating properly. If the dongle isnot programmed, please proceed to the next step.
  2. You can also run the program: dongleclient.exe if the dongle is not programmed we can reprogram it now:
        a) Get the ID # of the dongle
        b) Email this number to: - please include your name, your company name and a brief explanation of why you are sending us this number.
        c) Our tech support department will send you a new dongle code to reprogram the dongle.
  3. If the dongleclient.exe program cannot "see" the dongle, and if you are sure the dongle is plugged into the computer (and the red light on the dongle is glowing) then your dongle is dead and you will require a replacement. Please send the dongle to the person you purchased your system from and they will send you a replacement. It is rare for dongles to completely die unless they are physically damaged.

Download the latest HASP dongle drivers

You can download the latest HASP dongle drivers here:

Installing red security dongle on a server with no USB ports?

If you would like to install the red network security dongle on a server or virtual server with no USB ports, you can do so via the "Anywhere USB" product below:

The Mobius Institute has no affiliation with this product or company, so you will have to ask the product supplier for support in installing and using their product.

On another note, please be aware that it is not absolutely necessary to install the red network security dongle on a server - it can be installed on any PC on the network providing that the PC is always operating and that all other PC's running the iLearn products have access to this PC and can see it on the network.

License expired message or dongle not found

There are a number of reasons why you may see these messages. As always, if the product was working before but it is not working now, try to think about what has changed. Please check the following:

  1. Is the dongle installed on the PC? Is it plugged all the way into the USB port? If you are using a USB hub, is it powered and connected to the computer?
  2. Is the red light on in the dongle? is it powered? If not the dongle or the USB port may be damaged - try connecting the dongle to another USB port or to another computer to see if the light comes on.
  3. Did or does the computer beep when the dongle is connected?
        a) The beep may mean the hardware is not recognized - have you used the dongle on this computer before? Check that the dongle light is on.
        b) The lack of a beep may mean the dongle is dead or not recognized.
        c) When connecting the dongle, watch the bottom right corner of your computer screen for any messages indicating that the hardware has been attached etc.
  4. If you suspect that the dongle itself or the USB port are damaged, go to the "Device Manager" on your computer and check the USB port to see if the HASP device is connected and operating correctly. To do this, on your desktop right click on "My Computer", select "properties" click on the "hardware" tab and select "Device Manager." At the bottom of the list you will find "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" - expand the tree to display all of the USB ports - see if there is an error message here or a "!" symbol on one of the ports.
  5. You can also check to see if the dongle is functioning correctly by going to the \HASP folder and running the program "SecurityCheck.exe" This little utility program will connect to the dongle if it is connected to the computer and will let you know if it is functioning properly or not. You can also download the program here.
  6. Lastly, you can also run the DongleClient.exe program from the \HASP folder (download here). If this program cannot read the dongle, then the poor dongle is dead (this is a rare case) and the only solution is to send it back to the person you purchased the system from and request a new dongle.

LP-CATI.ili LP-CATII.ili LP-CATIII.ili files not found message

If you received the message that one of these .ili files is missing then this is probably what happened:

You received this product (CD) as part of a distance learning or classroom course, however, when you registered the software you said that it was a full commercial version or an iLearnProfessional version. The licensing for the dongle now doesn't match the software you actually have. Here are two options:

  1. You can reinstall the software and this time select the correct product. You may uncheck the "install resources" option since these should already be installed. (Refer to image below)
  2. A second option is to download the ".ili" files from here and copy them into your: C:\ProgramFiles\iLearnInteractive\ folder LP-CATIDL.ili, LP-CATIIDL.ili, LP-CATIIIDL.ili - To download these files, right click on the link and select "save target as" or "save link as"
  3. 3. If you need to verify that the dongle works or to check which programs the dongle is licensed for, connect the dongle and run the program: SecurityCheck.exe this utility program can be found on the installation CD or you can download it here.

MobiusSecurity.ocx Hasp.ocx You don't have admin privileges

If you see one of the following messages when attempting to run iLearnVibration: MobiusSecurity.ocx or Hasp.ocx not registered or the message "You don't have admin priveleges", fear not, there has simply been a problem installing the security dongle drivers. All you have to do now is install them again manually, then continue the installation of the iLearnVibration software.  Here is one example of the error message:

Make sure the dongle is NOT connected to the computer. 

  1. Go to the \HASP folder on the CD and run the HaspUserSetup.exe This will lead you through the process of manually installing the security dongle drivers.
  2. In the SafeNet folder on the CD you will also see a program called MicroDogInstdrv.exe Please run this program and install those drivers.
  3. Next run Install.exe on the CD. This will repeat the installation of iLearnVibration. There are two settings you should change:
        a) Uncheck the box to “Copy the resources” – this will save you time - the resources should already have been installed on your computer
        b) Check the box so that the dongle drivers are not installed again
  4. Complete the installation, and when it is finished, reconnect your dongle and start iLearnVibration.
  5. When you complete the installation of iLearnVibration (which will be faster than normal) everything will work just fine.

Network dongle installation instructions

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install a network license product:

  1. You only need to install the License Manager on one computer – typically a server, but it does not have to be. 
        a) The red dongle is placed on the same computer
        b) You can download the latest version here: 
  2. On every computer where you wish to access iLearnVibration you should install iLearnVibration. 
        a) You should not install License Manager on this computer
  3. When you run iLearnVibration it will give you three license options – select the third option: License Manager
  4. When you run iLearnVibration three things might happen: 
        a) It will run successfully because it was able to find the License Manager on the network – that’s good!
        b) It will say something about a trial or that your dongle is missing. In this case it does not realize that it needs to look for the License Manager. In this case, run the SetSecurity.exe program found in the HASP folder of the CD. Run iLearnVibration again and you should get response a) or c)
        c) It might say that it cannot communicate with the License Manager (error 129). In this case iLearnVibration is pinging the network trying to find License Manager but it is not responding. Assuming the License Manager is on an accessible network (and it is running) you may have to tell iLearnVibration where to find the License Manager. This is done with a NetHASP.ini file
          1. There are NetHASP.ini files in the CD folder E: HASP\NetHASP\NetHASP ini samples
          2. The NetHASP.ini file needs to have the IP address or the computer name of the License Manager
          3. The NetHASP.ini file can be placed in the application folder, or in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32
          4. You can also use Diagnostix.exe found in \HASP\diagnostix to help diagnose the communication problem and create the NetHASP.ini folder
          5. Please also refer to the document InstallGuide.pdf on the CD if you have any other problems.

New dongle drivers for installation issues - September 2010

If you have installed your product and it is not working, please install these updated security dongle drivers. These are compatible with version 3.2 or higher of iLearnVibration, version 2.1 of iLearnAlignment and version 1.3 of iLearnInterpreter. If you have an older version, you may want to consider upgrading to the latest version.

Simply installing these drivers should solve your problem. If it does not, please reinstall your iLearn software from the the CD, but check the option to NOT install the security dongle drivers. Also check the option to NOT install the resources - this will save you time since the resources should already be installed.

If you are still having problems, please contact us.

Security dongle installation instructions

You can download the PDF that comes with your dongle and software here: 

You can download the latest HASP drivers here: