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Asia & Oceania Course Details

Asia, Australia and New Zealand course details.

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Vibration Analysis ISO Category IV - Part 2

Course ID: 6170 - Pattaya

Training Center:  Machinosis Co. Ltd.

Instructor:  Roengchai Chumai

Course Location: Pattaya

Course Dates: 6/24/2019 - 6/28/2019 (5 days)

Additional Details:

Join Machinosis to learn and enjoy yourself in beautiful Pattaya, Thailand, where we are offering ourMASTER VIBRATION ANALYST ISO 18436 CATEGORY IV (CAT-IV) CLASSROOM COURSE. This four-daycourse will be delivered in a classroom environment, with the optional examination given on the fifth day.The goal of the classroom session is to combine education, review and question practice. Attendees will learn, andattendees will be tested. The sessions will be very interactive with ample opportunity to ask questions. As we revisethe topics covered in the on-line videos we will also challenge you with exam standard practical questions.Day One & Two:We will focus on advanced signal processing, structural dynamics, corrective action (isolation, resonance correction,etc.), ODS, and modal analysis. Along with the topic revision we will go through the worked examples and students willbe given poll questions to test their knowledge.Day Three & Four:We will focus on proximity probe measurements, conventions, orbits, centerline plots, journal bearings, rotordynamics,diagnosing common faults associated with journal bearings and turbo-machinery, and flexible rotor balancing. Onceagain, along with the topic revision we will go through the worked examples and students will be given poll questions to test their knowledge.Day Five:You will take the five-hour Category IV exam. The exam will start early in the morning so that you should be able toleave the venue by 14:00.

Course Fees:

  • Course fee: [contact training center]
  • Certification exam fee: [contact training center]