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Asia & Oceania Course Details

Asia, Australia and New Zealand course details.

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ARP [E] CAT 2 [Reliability Engineer] - Online Course

Course ID: 21459 - Online

Training Center:  Reliability Institute of Australia

Instructor:  Jason Tranter

Course Location: Online

Course Dates: 9/2/2020 - 9/6/2020 (5 days)

Additional Details:

The Asset Reliability Practitioner [E] Category II “Reliability Engineer" course is intended for reliability engineers, maintenance analysis & improvement engineers and for anyone else in the organization who desires to have an in-depth knowledge of the reliability and performance improvement process. The role of reliability engineer requires a broad range of technical and personal skills and understanding what to change and how to change can be difficult. This course teaches that data analysis alone is not enough, and shows how the reliability engineer can drive the actions necessary to make measurable financial business improvements. The course is made up of short video recordings, totalling 32 hours, presented by Jason Tranter, the Mobius CEO and founder. It is very comprehensive and informative, with audio commentary and animated visual slides. A hard copy course manual is supplied, so students can follow along, pause and take notes. The course has the same content and certification as the classroom courses. The course can start anytime, and students have 6 months on-line access to the course from time of enrolment. The Exam cannot be taken until completion of the whole course. Prerequisites for Certification requires: 1. A minimum of 24 month’s relevant work experience. 2. Completing the whole course. 3. Passing the exam with a minimum of 70%

Course Fees:

  • Course fee: [contact training center]
  • Certification exam fee: [contact training center]