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MIBoC - Ultrasound

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Ultrasound Analyst


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MIBoCís scheme covers ultrasound certification from Category I right through to Category III, the highest category. Our classification of the ultrasound categories is based on those outlined in standard ISO 18436-8.

Ultrasound personnel who are certified through MIBoC should be justifiably proud of their achievements.


Category I: Ultrasound

Ultrasound personnel certified to Category I will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound. They are able to apply a specific ultrasound measurement technique, set up and operate ultrasound equipment for safe data collection, and verify the integrity of collected data. They are also able to perform basic fault detection, severity assessment and diagnosis in accordance with established procedures. Additionally, they can maintain a database of results and trends, verify the sensitivity of measurement instruments, evaluate test results and prevent or control factors that results in the acquisition of poor quality data.

Category II:  Ultrasound

In addition to having to knowledge and capability of a person certified to Category I, Category II certified personnel are able to select the appropriate ultrasound measurement technique and understand its limitation as well as set up and verify equipment settings. They are also able to measure and perform diagnosis of ultrasound signals, classify and evaluate test results in accordance with applicable codes, standards specifications and procedures and prepare reports on equipment condition fault diagnoses, recommend appropriate corrective actions and comment of effectiveness of repairs. Additionally, they are able to provide technical direction to ultrasound monitoring personnel at Category I and be aware of the use of alternative or supplementary condition monitoring technologies.

Category III:  Ultrasound

Ultrasound personnel certified to Category III are expected to have all the knowledge and capabilities of a Category I and II analyst and be able to apply ultrasound theory and techniques, including measurement and interpretation of survey results. They can understand and perform data analysis, determine the ultrasound data acquisition systems and component assemblies required, use non-standard techniques for ultrasound monitoring and fault diagnosis and interpret and evaluate standards, codes, specifications and procedures. Additionally, they can develop and establish ultrasound programmes, procedures and instructions, determine severity assessment acceptance criteria and measure and perform more advanced diagnosis and prognosis of ultrasound signal analysis. Furthermore, in addition to making recommendations for the use of alternative or supplementary condition monitoring technologies, they are also able to provide guidance to and supervise Category I and II personnel.