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Learn about Mobius Institute's annual scholarship program available to the international community

2019 Analyst Scholarships


See our recent recipients of the Mobius Institute Scholarship Awards

Vibration analysis is an important skill, but being a vibration analyst, with people counting on you to make timely, accurate diagnoses, is a demanding role. Education and accredited certification are key to success, and CBM Conference enables analysts to further their knowledge and meet people who face the same challenges. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has access to that training or the conference. While we try to minimize costs, for a whole variety of reasons those costs are too high for some people who desire to join our profession.

Mobius Institute, in association with CBM Conference, would like to help twelve people each year to achieve Category II certification and benefit from CBM Conferences:

General Awards (twelve recipients)

  • Mobius Institute Category I and Category II Vibration Analyst Training via Distance Learning
  • MIBoC Certification Examinations for Category I and Category II certification according to ISO 18436
  • Access to CBM Conference presentation and case study videos via online access

Top Award (one recipient)

  • All expenses paid trip (registration, hotel and travel expenses) to attend CBM Conference of their choice
  • Chosen from the twelve “General Award” recipients



We would like to help people who meet the following basic criteria:

  • Have a burning passion to become a practicing vibration analyst
  • Have a reasonably likelihood of employment in the field of vibration analysis
  • Provide us with a clear statement that indicates why it is not possible to pay for training, certification and conference attendance
  • Be able to understand English (the distance learning videos are in English)
  • Have access to the Internet capable of streaming video


  • Scholarship candidates shall submit their applications online via this link: 
  • Four times during the year (on April 1, July 1, October 1, January 1), we will select one General Award recipient from EACH global region (the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA), for a total of 12 General Awards given during the year.
  • Scholarship award recipients can come from anywhere in the world (note that if a Top Award Recipient is not eligible for a VISA in the desired CBM conference host country, an alternative conference must be chosen)
  • Our annual Top Award winner will be selected from General Award recipients on February 1.

Scholarship Awards and Conditions

Top Award (one recipient per year)

  • Complete benefit of General Award, and
  • Trip to the CBM Conference of your choice:
    a. Economy flights (no extended stop-overs/detours unless agreed)
    b. Other reasonable transportation costs: taxi, etc.
    c. Accommodation at CBM Conference hotel, organized by Mobius, arriving two days before, leaving the day after
    d. Three meals per day
    e. All reasonable costs incurred as a result of attending the conference

General Awards (12 recipients per year)

  • Access to the video recording library from one CBM Conference of your choice
  • Category I and II Distance Learning (DL) training:
    a. If Category I is required then training should be completed before attempting Category II
    b. There is no time limit on completing the course(s) or taking the exam(s)
    c. Exam (and one re-sit if necessary) at each level
    d. All shipping costs are covered


Please direct your questions about the scholarship and selection process to 

Recent Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our recent scholarship recipients:

2018-Q3 General Award Recipient

Jesse Farrar, USA

"This scholarship is a breath of life into my career, this scholarship means the world to me. It allows me to improve my skills and to gain the in-depth knowledge I need to succeed in my ever-evolving career. With all the obstacles I have needed to overcome to pursue my continued education and all the doubts I have had; this scholarship means I'm on the right path to success."

2018-Q3 General Award Recipient

Po-Chen Lai, Taiwan

"It was a really nice day when I saw the email regarding Mobius Scholarship. Definitely, it will be a great start in my life. To be a vibration expert is not a difficult thing now. It already became a dream that I can achieve! Furthermore, I believe it can not only make my vibration ability better but also my life. Everything can be improved! Thank you, Mobius Institute. Your scholarship activity is just like a kind mother who cultivates many vibration experts. I appreciate it."

2018-Q3 General Award Recipient

Emmanuel Chanda, Zambia

"I am male aged 28 with an advanced certificate in mechanical Engineering which I obtained from Northern Technical college in the year 2013. After working in some companies, I witnessed the importance of condition monitoring in the industry from that time since I have been trying to find institutions offering courses. I finally found Mobius Institute but, unfortunately my salary could not allow it for me to do the course and use it to support my family. I almost closed the window when I saw Mobius scholarship. I never thought I had the luck to win something but now Mobius has proved me wrong by selecting me. I have tried looking for better words to thank the Mobius team but no words can match their generosity. Thank you, Saints of Mobius, for this opportunity."

2018-Q2 General Award Recipient

Mayuri Shanika Sumanadasa, Sri Lanka

"I was very much excited when I heard the news that I have selected for this scholarship. This opportunity is a blessing for me in every way and it has been a dream come true. This opportunity would enlighten my career development and personal development as well."

2018-Q2 General Award Recipient

Naji Alghrib, Libya

"When I first opened my email and saw your message, I could not hide my happiness. It is a dream that became true and at that time I believed that my career development has just started now. It is a new challenge for me. I really find it hard to express my feelings and I highly appreciate it. Thank you, Mobius, for this unforgettable gift."

2018-Q2 General Award Recipient

Oscar Ernesto Media Colina, Argentina

"Thanks to Mobius Institute for making my dream possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am really deeply appreciative of your support. I'm pretty sure I will work very hard and eventually give something back to others as teacher to future engineers that want to be involved in this area."

2018-Q1 General Award Recipient

Mark Koebler, USA

"The Mobius Institute scholarship means the world to me as It will help me reach my professional goals along with personal goals. When I got the email that I received the scholarship I was ecstatic and filled with appreciation for the whole team at Mobius that helped me on my path. The doors this scholarship has opened for my career are major and won’t ever be forgot. I can’t thank Mobius Institute enough."

2018-Q1 General Award Recipient

Rusiate Jale Faivakibau, Fiji

"I am so grateful and honored on your generous and caring support in helping me achieve one of my dreams in becoming a vibration analyst in the future. Vinaka vakalevu (A very big Thank you) from this tiny island of Fiji."

2018-Q1 General Award Recipient

Hassan AbdelSalam Mohamed Abdelnabby, Egypt

"Being awarded the Mobius Scholarship and getting ISO certification will help our small diagnostic company to grow and be an honest player in the market for providing services for vibration diagnostic and condition monitoring. I also want to wish all Mobius Scholarship candidates to be awarded one day!"

2017-Q4 General Award Recipient

Suresh S. Suntharam, Malaysia

"Thank you for choosing me for this scholarship. I will use this opportunity and will become a successful vibration analyzer in future. After finishing this course, I have planning to become a full-time vibration analyzer. This scholarship means a lot to me because in recent time my company promoted me for machine health check which contains electrical motor and generator. Vibration checking is also a major part of the job. So, if I complete the category II I'll have more confident on my job and I can do a better job on vibration analyzing. I've completed category I in Mobius. From that knowledge I've solved so many common faults in machine so far. If I go to the next level I'll be confident to face more challenging problems in my career."

2017-Q4 General Award Recipient

Rudolf Ras, Aruba

"I’m very pleased to be awarded the Mobius Institute scholarship for the courses Vibration Analysis Category I and II. During my whole career I’ve been around repairing and troubleshooting rotating equipment, so going the extra mile will be very interesting and challenging. With my experiences as a millwright/ machinist and as a vibration data collector, these courses will be a much-added value to my curriculum. It will be a crown on my career and dream come true with this achievement of analyzing and diagnosing vibrations on such equipment. As a certified Vibration Analyst Category I and II, doors will open for me and I will have an important role in the organization as a valuable contributor for the reliability of the company. I am looking forward to this endeavor and the benefits it will offer, both for my personal knowledge regarding this field and also the financial growth."

2017-Q4 General Award Recipient

Ivan Batrakin, Ukraine

"Being awarded the Mobius Scholarship and getting ISO certification will help our small diagnostic company to grow and be an honest player in the market for providing services for vibration diagnostic and condition monitoring. I also want to wish all Mobius Scholarship candidates to be awarded one day!"

2017-Q3 General Award Recipient

Elvis Phillip, Trinidad & Tobago

"This scholarship has truly been a dream come true and could not have come at a better time. I am truly overjoyed having been awarded this opportunity to obtain such a recognized certification. This certification would mean so much to my career enhancement and my personal development. I would really like to say thanks to Mobius Institute for award me this scholarship that would make a great impact into my career which would not only help me but my family. THANK YOU SO MUCH."

2017-Q3 General Award Recipient

Hafiz Yaseen Adeel, Al Mehraj Education Hub (Academy) , Punjab, Pakistan

"Being an expert vibration analyst, I can solve difficult situations of industry. I want certification for educating young engineers and want to make their concepts clear. I want to guide engineers a proper way that how they can work in a related field. I want to work socially and want to introduce vibration techniques in universities. I want to introduce a proper system of Mobius in Pakistan in which we train engineers and they have to pay a little amount for getting expertise and intelligent students can get Scholarship. I want to make a chain of engineers like I guide some engineers and that some guides some others in this way we can get better success in the field of vibration."

2017-Q3 General Award Recipient

Abdullah Abdulhakim Binhawy Bawazir, Arabian Yemen Cement Company Ltd, Yemen, Hadhramout, Ghail Bawazir

"This scholarship is a blessing for me, number one. It means a lot because not only is it helping me with work but it's a token of appreciation from God, and I'm very honored to be getting the award. This scholarship means the hard work has really paid off, especially from my family who have supported me from the beginning. The scholarship, for me, is not the end but just the beginning. I want to become a vibration analyst. I would like to thank you for staying on me and showing me the right way."

2017-Q2 General Award Recipient/h3>

Eric Anti Ofori, Takoradi, Ghana

"This scholarship is indeed a dream come true for me. I have harboured the dream of becoming a vibration analyst since the early days of my engineering career about 10 years ago. financial constraints truncated my dream half way. with no hope, Mobius has resurrected my dream with this scholarship award. With this award and after my certification I am extremely confident of stepping up into my new and rewarding job since most of the jobs I desire to apply require a vibration analysis certification. Thank you Mobius I am very much grateful."

2017-Q2 General Award Recipient

Mahsa Yazdanian Asr, Mapna Electric and Control Engineering and Manufacturing Co (MECO), Iran

"In fact, this is one of the best opportunities I have ever had in my life. This is really a turning point in my professions. It can also lead me to job promotion. I'm working with all my efforts in the field of condition monitoring at university and industry simultaneously. However. I could not get such this internationally valid certifications due to some restrictions until now. I’m trying by my best to show all my subtleties in this opportunity."

2017-Q2 General Award Recipient

Randall C. Smith, Friendswood, Texas, USA

"I really appreciate the scholarship offered by Mobius Institute. As an older mechanic/millwright I am finding it more difficult to find jobs partially because since almost all of my experience was with an oil company which made sure we knew our jobs but was not really worried about certifications. We did condition monitoring including vibration monitoring, oil analysis, temperature monitoring and pressure monitoring. The companies I talk to now would prefer an Associates degree or Certificate for any good maintenance and reliability job but when I started my career everything was on the job training. So now with this scholarship I will have something to add to my experience while job hunting."

2017-Q1 General Award Recipient

Elizabeth O'Brien, Koppers Carbon Materials & Chemicals, Australia 

"I am extremely honored to be awarded this scholarship. As an engineer in a very competitive and regularly evolving industry, as well as a new, young mother, juggling work and life balance, this course offers a unique ability for me to develop in an area that I am passionate about, become specialised and an integral member of our maintenance team at work. For me, preventative maintenance is the way of the future and is imperative for my industry to adopt this style of maintenance. The benefits of vibrational monitoring are overwhelming and to have the chance to expand these skills is a great dream."

2017-Q1  General Award Recipient

Edicson Santiago Bonilla Diaz, Eastway Technical Consultants, Ireland 

"It is incredible how a decision that we make can impact so much in people's life. Being awarded with the Mobius Institute Scholarship program has reminded me that we have to believe in what we are, believe in what we do and believe in what we can achieve. I have been dreaming with this opportunity for so many years, however because of many circumstances I could not afford it before. I have been learning and working with Reliability Services since I graduated from college in Venezuela. I feel so grateful to know that now I have the opportunity to take the ISO Category I and II and the MIBoC Certificate Examinations."

2017-Q1  General Award Recipient

Rebecca Nolan, USA

"This scholarship will allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a predictive maintenance manager. I also one day hope to teach vibration courses because I enjoy the subject matter so much. Thank you so much for the opportunity."

2016 Top Award Recipient

Stephanie du Plessis, RBCT, South Africa

"This opportunity will not only open doors for me in the industry of condition monitoring, but it will also make my dreams of a better future for my children a reality. More than the financial gain and the dream coming true. This opportunity allows me to teach my kids about not giving up on their dreams. To go after what your heart desires, push towards your goals, dream about the impossible because dreams come true, goals are reached and nothing is impossible for those who never give up."

2016-Q4 General Award Recipient

Wasiu Ashiru, Uber, USA (recent immigrant from Nigeria) 

"With this scholarship:

  • I will have all the Basic and Intermediate skill required to predict equipment failures and prevent equipment breakdown within my facility in my next assignment
  • I will be able to get my dream job as a Reliability Engineer
  • It will be a foundation to build every other Reliability Technical Certifications upon in the nearest future" 

2016-Q4 General Award Recipient

Tomás Belmudes, Maper Tecnología SRL, Argentina

"Being awarded the Mobius Scholarship is a great opportunity to develop myself as a reliable vibration analyst. As an entrepreneur this scholarship is an extremely valuable assistance to succeed in my project."