9MoK - Asset Criticality Ranking

Nine Minutes of Knowledge presentation by Mobius Institute, expires on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Reliability Improvement Series

The above presentation is part of Mobius Institute's Reliability Improvement Series of topics.  If you found this presentation valuable, you should have a look at LearnReliability™ [Enterprise] and [Professional Development] training systems.  Learn more about how iLearnReliability can benefit you and your plant by visiting our website.

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Jason Tranter, BE (Hons), CMRP, CRL, VA-IV Mr. Tranter is the founder of Mobius Institute and the MIBoC accredited certification organization. Known as an expert in Reliability, Condition Monitoring and Precision Maintenance skills, he is also a teacher and presenter who has won numerous awards for his ability and keen presentation style. And through his creativity and expertise, he has developed Mobius' Crystal Clear™ training methodology that makes complex concepts more interesting and easier to understand.
About Mobius Institute Mobius Institute is a worldwide provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance education to industrial plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring specialists, allowing plants to be successful in implementing reliability improvement programs. Mobius delivers training via public, in-plant and online education programs. Mobius’ key advantage is its extensive experience and success in teaching reliability management and technical skills since 1999. It is unique in the market by offering training that uses innovative 3D animations and software simulations, which make complex topics easy to understand. Mobius Institute Board of Certification is ISO 9001 certified and is an ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited certification body that provides globally recognized certification to Category I-IV vibration analysts in accordance with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2. More than 20,000 analysts from 162 countries have been classroom-trained since 2005. Mobius Institute has offices in Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica and the United States, and authorized training centers in more than 50 countries. For more information, call (615) 216-4811 (GMT -5), or email learn@mobiusinstitute.com or visit our website.
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