Frequently Asked Questions

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Students Training & Certification

A student has many years of experience in Condition Monitoring/Vibration Analysis, can the student sit the exam directly without taking the full training?

No, training completion is a requirement of ISO 18436-2 to be eligible for certification. The candidate must provide evidence of training completion from an approved training provider to meet the training requirements for certification. For more information on the certification requirements,

Can a student get a hard copy of their certificate after passing the exam?

A student can request a hard copy certificate at an additional cost. The student can order a hard copy of their certificate through our website at:

If a student is living in a different country and attending a Global Virtual training course, can we provide a digital copy of the course manual?

Under NO circumstances can you give the student or customer the course materials in pdf or any digital format. You can suggest that the student can purchase the course material through our website, or you can ship a hard copy of the material to the student’s location.

If a student’s certification expired more than 12 months ago, can it still be renewed?

No, if the student’s certification expired over 12 months ago the student may be required to re-take the exam to re-new their certification. Certification renewals can be renewed 6 months prior to the certification expiring and up to 6 months after the certification expired. You can order a certification renewal through the TMS via “Tools – Orders – Order Certification Renewal”.

Training Logistics

Can I run the course for more than 5 days?

Yes, you can run a course for more than 5-days. A new dongle code for the additional days is required and can be requested prior to the course commencement from The Training Support Team.

Can you provide translated materials to teach a course in a local language?

We have course materials in many different languages. Please check on ShareFile for all of the available courses and languages.  If you want to translate something we don’t already have, please contact The Training Support Team.

We don’t have a spare/backup dongle. How can we order a spare dongle?

Dongles or TTS Kit can be ordered through your Business Development Manager.

If I see a water mark on the lesson slides, how can I fix the problem?

The watermark will disappear from the slides between the course start date and course end date, as shown in iTeachVibration.  Run iTeachVibration and click on the Dongle button to see these dates.  Also check the ‘Date inside dongle’.  If this is different to the current date then please contact Training Support ( for help with re-initializing the dongle.

We would like to add a new instructor, invigilator, or administrator, what is the process?

All instructors, invigilators and administrators need to apply and be approved to be added to your profile.  All potential instructor details should be sent to your regional BDM to approve the instructors’ experience to ensure they can apply to become an instructor.

Any new administrator’s and invigilator details can be sent to your regional Business Development Manager for processing.

We are facing a problem with the Keypoint software, how can we fix this problem?

For Installation instructions, refer to the TPIC document ‘Training Testing system setup and use’. Check here for the latest software versions of Keypoint, (log on with your serial number and password, which comes with your kit).  Note that Keypoint licenses are valid for one year only.  After that time you can still use your kit with the existing software, but if you require updated software you will need to purchase a new license (USD89).  Please contact Training Support if you need help with this.

Which platforms can be used for a virtual course?

You can use either GoToWebinar, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you decide to use our platform, GoToWebinar, you can watch the following video for instructions and a tour on how the platform works. If you decide to use Microsoft Teams or Zoom you need to provide an attendance report.

Mobius Institute Virtual Course Tutorial.mp4 | Mobius Institute (

Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Getting started with reports – Zoom Help Center

If you have an upcoming Virtual Course and prefer to use Go To Webinar, please, submit your request here.

How do I prepare the laptop or computer (instructor and students) for the training course?

The instructor needs to make sure that they have iTeachVibration installed on their computer, and they have downloaded the latest lessons from ShareFile at: If you need access to ShareFile or assistance with the setup, contact your Business Development Manager. 

Learning Zone

What if a student is unable to access the learning zone materials?

There may be a problem with their browser. Advise the student to try a different browser to access all the available training material. If problem continues, please, contact your Business Development Manager. 

We have a potential customer discussion, seminar or event planned with a group of people, could you provide a dongle code for the event?

Yes, please, request authorization through your Business Development Manager. We will provide a dongle and support you with this event to promote training & certification. For the dongle code contact The Training Support Team.

If a student is having trouble finding the content in the Learning Zone?

Unfortunately, some computers do not present the screen layout accurately, if you expand the page to the right, you should see the second scroll bar which is used to scroll through and access the training materials.  If the scroll bar still does not allow you to scroll down the page you can use the page up and down commands on your keyboard or the scroll down on your mouse if you have one.


Do we need to video record our exam session?

Yes, ALL exam sessions must be recorded for ISO Standards purposes.

Does the invigilator form need to be filled out for online and classroom exams?

Classroom exams regardless of paper or online do not require an independent invigilation form to be completed if the invigilator has completed an AEC016 and IDR049 which has been approved.

If the invigilator has not been approved, then the invigilator needs to be approved by submitting their AEC016 and IDR049 application 2 weeks prior to the exam date. If the student is using an independent invigilator, they also need to submit their invigilation application to Exams Team, 2 weeks prior to the exam date.

How long does it take for a student to receive their exam results for online or paper exams?

Exam result timelines can vary based on the number of exams being received and processed. We always anticipate grading online exams within 3-5 working days, and paper exams within 5-10 working days of the exams being received.  During our busier times this can delay the processing of the exams as we receive a larger number of exams being received each day.

Does an invigilation form need to be filled out for all the students?

If you are an approved invigilator a form is not required to be completed for each student. You can order online or paper-based exams through the TMS adding the following comments:

Number of students sitting the exam

Student names


Course Number

Name of invigilator

If you are not an approved invigilator you must apply to be an independent invigilator by contacting Exams Team 2 weeks before the exam date.

I have students that have taken an exam, how do I know the exam has been received for grading?

At any stage a TPadmin can log into the TMS and from either the home screen or Training Partner Calendar page, they can search for the course to view the status of the exams. By scrolling to the right of either screen there is a column called “Exams Received” and “Exams Graded” where the Training Partner can confirm the status of the exams for the course.

Distance Learning

What is the process for ordering a Distance Learning training course?

You can order through the TMS by selecting TOOLS – ORDERS – ORDER DISTANCE LEARNING TRAINING.

For more assistance with Distance Learning Training please contact The Distance Learning Team.

What is the difference between Distance Learning and Learning Zone?

Distance Learning is an online Video-Based course with an instructor for a single-user with 4 months of access to complete the course content. This allows the student to participate in the training at their own pace and convenience. Completion of the Distance Learning course will meet the training requirements for certification. Completion of lessons is recorded to confirm training completion.

The Learning Zone (TMS) is where the student can study the content, find a workbook to practice, read the material as many times as they would like.  A student will have access to the Learning Zone content from the date of registration until 4 months after the course start date. This method does not meet the training requirements for certification.

Training Partners 

Our ATC/AEC certificate is expiring in the coming months. What is the process to renew your certificate?

You can contact your Business Development Manager to renew the certificate.