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2017 Analyst Scholarships


See our recent recipients of the 2016 Scholarship Awards

Vibration analysis is an important skill, but being a vibration analyst, with people counting on you to make timely, accurate diagnoses, is a demanding role. Education and accredited certification are key to success, and the IMVAC conferences enable analysts to further their knowledge and meet people who face the same challenges. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has access to that training or the conference. While we try to minimize costs, for a whole variety of reasons those costs are too high for some people who desire to join our profession.

Mobius Institute, in association with the IMVAC conference, would like to help twelve people each year to achieve Category II certification and benefit from the IMVAC conferences:

General Awards (twelve recipients)

  • Mobius Institute Category I and Category II Vibration Analyst Training via Distance Learning
  • MIBoC Certification Examinations for Category I and Category II certification according to ISO 18436
  • Access to IMVAC conference presentation and case study videos via online access

Top Award (one recipient)

  • All expenses paid trip (registration, hotel and travel expenses) to attend an IMVAC conference of their choice
  • Chosen from the twelve “General Award” recipients



We would like to help people who meet the following basic criteria:

  • Have a burning passion to become a practicing vibration analyst
  • Have a reasonably likelihood of employment in the field of vibration analysis
  • Provide us with a clear statement that indicates why it is not possible to pay for training, certification and conference attendance
  • Be able to understand English (the distance learning videos are in English)
  • Have access to the Internet capable of streaming video


  • Scholarship candidates shall submit their applications online via this link: 
  • Four times during the year (on April 1, July 1, October 1, 2017 and January 8, 2018), we will select one General Award recipient from EACH global region (the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA), for a total of 12 General Awards given during the year.
  • Scholarship award recipients can come from anywhere in the world (note that if a Top Award Recipient is not eligible for a VISA in the desired IMVAC conference host country, an alternative conference must be chosen)
  • 2017 Top Award recipient will be selected from General Award recipients on February 1, 2018.

Scholarship Awards and Conditions

Top Award (one recipient per year)

  • Complete benefit of General Award, and
  • Trip to the IMVAC conference of your choice:
    a. Economy flights (no extended stop-overs/detours unless agreed)
    b. Other reasonable transportation costs: taxi, etc.
    c. Accommodation at IMVAC conference hotel, organized by Mobius, arriving two days before, leaving the day after
    d. Three meals per day
    e. All reasonable costs incurred as a result of attending the conference

General Awards (12 recipients per year)

  • Access to the video recording library from one IMVAC conference of your choice
  • Category I and II Distance Learning (DL) training:
    a. If Category I is required then training should be completed before attempting Category II
    b. There is no time limit on completing the course(s) or taking the exam(s)
    c. Exam (and one re-sit if necessary) at each level
    d. All shipping costs are covered


Please direct your questions about the scholarship and selection process to 

Recent Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our recent scholarship recipients:

2016 Top Award Recipient

Stephanie du Plessis, RBCT, South Africa

"This opportunity will not only open doors for me in the industry of condition monitoring, but it will also make my dreams of a better future for my children a reality. More than the financial gain and the dream coming true. This opportunity allows me to teach my kids about not giving up on their dreams. To go after what your heart desires, push towards your goals, dream about the impossible because dreams come true, goals are reached and nothing is impossible for those who never give up."

2016 General Award Recipient

Wasiu Ashiru, Uber, USA (recent immigrant from Nigeria) 

"With this scholarship:

  • I will have all the Basic and Intermediate skill required to predict equipment failures and prevent equipment breakdown within my facility in my next assignment
  • I will be able to get my dream job as a Reliability Engineer
  • It will be a foundation to build every other Reliability Technical Certifications upon in the nearest future" 

2016 General Award Recipient

Tomás Belmudes, Maper Tecnología SRL, Argentina

"Being awarded the Mobius Scholarship is a great opportunity to develop myself as a reliable vibration analyst. As an entrepreneur this scholarship is an extremely valuable assistance to succeed in my project."


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