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Are you interested in transforming your non-accredited vibration analysis certification to one that is accredited and internationally recognized according to ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436?  Have you been told that your prior certification by another provider, cannot be recognized by an accredited certification body (such as Mobius Institute, Vibration Institute, or BINDT)?  We have new offerings that allow you to bridge your prior education/certification to meet actual ISO requirements, and to achieve future certification through an  accredited training and certification program.

First, let's cover why you should participate in an accredited training and certification program.  Please watch the following video for a full explanation:


ISO 18436-2 has defined the minimum requirements for training topics, training hours, experience, and certification.  In the eyes of the ISO standard, to become certified Category I-IV levels, you must meet specific training and experience requirements.  Only an accredited training and certification program can ensure that you will.  

Does your provider truly follow ISO 18436? 

Topics & hours

One of the most important decisions that any student has to make when choosing a vibration analysis training and certification provider, is receiving the best quality of training covering the required topics, delivered in the specified number of hours, in order to meet the requirements of the ISO 18436-2 standard. Some providers will refer to their courses as “ISO courses” or that they “follow ISO 18436-2”, but unfortunately this has been broadly interpreted. A company may indicate that their course follows the ISO specification, but deliver it in far fewer training hours than required by the standard. For instance, if you received 3 days of training for CAT-II or III, and the ISO specification requires 38 hours, then you will understand there is a problem. And when the training does not provide the proper depth, then your education and respective certification fall short of the standard. For this reason, the Mobius Institute Board of Certification is unable to recognize training or certification from the providers whose training programs do not meet the topics and hours defined by ISO 18436-2. The best assurance to become certified according to the ISO standards, is to select a provider who is ISO/IEC 17024 accredited, such as Mobius Institute Board of Certification. 

Adequate experience?

The ISO 18436-2 standard also requires a minimum amount of experience to become certified:  Category I; 6 months, Category II; 18 months, Category III; 36 months, and Category IV; 60 months.  Some training organizations that follow the ISO standard for training, may not have any experience requirements.  Should someone with no experience be able to hold the same certification as you do with your years of vibration analysis experience?  Certainly not, and your accredited certification body will require "verifiable" experience to qualify for certification.

A comparison of a few vibration training providers

Provides training for vibration analysts Provides ISO/IEC 17024 accredited certification per ISO 18436 CAT-I training courses recognized by   ISO accredited certification body (MIBoC) CAT-II training courses recognized by  ISO accredited certification body (MIBoC)  CAT-III training courses recognized by   ISO accredited certification body (MIBoC) ONLINE CAT-I,II & III training courses recognized by  ISO accredited certification body (MIBoC) 
Mobius Institute
Vibration Institute (VI-USA)    
Emerson CSI        
Technical Associates of Charlotte      
SKF USA      

Upgrade to MIBoC accredited certification

If you would like switch from your education and certification provider and upgrade to the Mobius accredited program, we have a number of options to help you get there.  Watch the following video to learn more:

Are you ready to get started?

If you are ready to become certified by Mobius Institute Board of Certification, give us a call so we can evaluate your training and practical experience and recommend a cost-effective "Gap-training" program that will prepare you to take the examination and become certified.  Contact us in North America at (877) 550-3400, worldwide at (+1) 615-216-4811, or email us at


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Gap Training by Mobius Institute

Mobius Institute's Gap Training is a solution so that you can transform your non-accredited certificate to a fully ISO 17024 & ISO 18436-1 accredited certification through Mobius Institute Board of Certification, with minimal investment of time and expense.  No travel is required and you can do this on your personal time.


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